Optimising business with next level efficiency in various industries



GudangSys WMS can help automotive warehouses to avoid overstocking, stockouts, and shrinkage, which can result in significant cost savings. Additionally, our WMS supports just-in-time operational processes by matching inbound orders with outbound orders, thereby reducing storage requirements and improving efficiencies. Automotive warehouses are often part of complex supply chains and are governed by strict regulatory requirements, and GudangSys WMS can provide traceability by recording and tracking movement of goods from receiving to shipping.


Retail and Distribution

GudangSys WMS has assisted retail and distribution businesses by improving inventory accuracy with reducing out-of-stock scenarios, and ultimately improving customer satisfaction. With optimised workflows and automated processes, GudangSys WMS can help businesses to fulfil orders faster and with greater accuracy, while also tracking inventory movements and ensuring product quality and compliance with regulations.


By providing real-time visibility of inventory levels and movements, GudangSys WMS can help manufacturers to handle raw materials and finished goods as well as tracking materials during production processes. Manufacturing operations are typically complex and GudangSys WMS has managed to meet the myriad requirements of its customers to optimise their production processes, reduce wastage, and improve customer satisfaction through timely deliveries. Additionally, with features such as barcode scanning, batch and lot tracking and automated order management, GudangSys WMS has helped manufacturers to better manage inventories and support just-in-time deliveries of orders to their customers.

Food And Beverage

GudangSys WMS has been highly beneficial for businesses operating in the food and beverage industry. By providing real-time visibility of inventory levels and movements, it can help businesses reduce the risk of spoilage and waste, while also improving product quality and safety. GudangSys WMS is also key to optimising and controlling storage of perishable and temperature sensitive products, ensuring that the inventories are stored in the correct facilities. Other key features such as batch and lot tracking as well as expiration date management are necessary to ensure compliance with end customer as well as regulatory requirements.

3rd Party Logistics Service Providers

Common user warehouse operators have found GudangSys WMS to be very useful as it can be flexibly configured to support each end customer that may have different and separate operational requirements. Additionally, GudangSys WMS also supports the automatic tracking of storage, handling and transportation charges to assist such warehouse operators in their billings operations.


GudangSys WMS can be integrated with custom e-marketplaces and storefronts as well as e-commerce websites so that order data can be received and processes efficiently while providing inventory status information and progress tracking milestones.